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Saw :iconfoxybabie1989: do this. She didn't tag anyone but I'm sure she won't mind if I just go ahead and do this anyway:

#1. How did you get your superpower/powers?

Long-ish story about that. I was born into a near-extinct group of Finnish shadow worshippers known as the Hammut Clan. It was said that one day a child born and put through the Hammut baptism procedure would become one with a demon of shadow, simply known as Rajov.

Now I can manipulate the shadows into blades using my SMA (Shadow.Manipulation.Artefact) Bracelets, passed down from my uncle. I can also use these bracelets to fire off projectiles, force waves or use the shadows to enhance parts of my body for added strength or speed. This is possible due to Rajov being part of me.

Finally, I can blend into shadows for stealth and go completely undetected. I can even move through the shadows, even if they're unreachable by normal people. I can also take objects or even people into the shadows with me so long as I'm in skin contact with them. The only requirement for me to do this is that the shadows I travel in must be large enough to cover me and what/whoever I'm in contact with completely.

#2. What made you want to become a Superhero?

I was born into having powers, so why not use them to make things better?

#3. What kind of city did you grow up in that you now protect?

Newcastle and Teesside.

#4. Do you prefer to go with a sidekick or go alone?

I go alone.

#5. What's your design for your costume?

Nothing too fancy. A black leather jacket, red shirt, black jeans, trainers, black fedora and  a mask to cover my face but to refrain from hindering my eyesight.

#6. Where's your hideout?

Don't really need one.

#7. Are your friends with the local police chief?

Not exactly, due to my dark appearance, I've been mistaken for a threat. ^^;

#8. You're a Superhero at night. But what are you by day? If not, other way around then.

A media production student at Teesside University.

#9. What's your catchphrase?

Don't really have one.

#10. What's your Superhero moniker?

The Dark Drifter (yeah, original.)

#11. Describe your greatest enemy.

A person who uses a lot of light sources in battle.

#12. Would you tell anyone close to you about your alternate identities?

Only if I really need to or have no choice.

#13. Do you read old Superhero comics in your spare time?

Not really, I'm more of a manga guy. ^^;

#14. Describe your persona as yourself.

A light-hearted, stoic student who probably needs to work more on critical analysis.

#15. Describe your persona as a Hero.

A figure always seen in the shadows who looks like someone that might mug you, but intends to do the polar opposite.

#16. Do you find yourself saving a damsel in distress?

*Shrugs* Comes with the job, doesn't it?

#17. If a movie was made about you, then what bands should be included in the OST?

Sonata Arctica, Paddy And The Rats and maybe some Queen.

#18. Are you a grown adult or a teenager?

I'd say somewhere in between, so a young adult.

#19. Are you part of a Superhero group?

No, though I wouldn't mind being in one.

#20. What is your weakness?

Light sources, I can perform at my fullest if I don't have enough shadows. Though even if I don't enough darkness to pull off effective shadow moves (even with Rajov), I have kickboxing techniques when the going gets rough.

#21. What country are you from?


#22. Cape or no cape?

No cape.

#23. Are you part of a family of Superheroes?


#24. Is your sidekick off-again on-again, someone who provides intel from your hideout, or comic relief?

I don't have a side-kick.

#25. Boxers or briefs?


#26. Do you have an evil doppelganger?

Rajov sometimes acts as one, though he's more of an antihero than evil.

#27. How many sidekicks should you have?


#28. Do you wanna be well-known or lesser-known?

Well that's a little tough; if I were well known, my feats would be known by more people however at the same time more people may see me as a criminal.

#29. Do you wanna be drawn by fans or have a model of you built in a sandbox role-playing game? *coughMINECRAFTcough* *coughLEGOUNIVERSEcough*

I'm OK either way.

#30. Do you want a comic book about you published?

I wouldn't mind it.

Alright, as for tagging, do it if you want to.
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